New Home Designs Adelaide

Our comprehensive design process

Creating concepts for new home designs Adelaide is a process that needs to be both detailed and straightforward. Firstly, we arrange a one-on-one consultation to outline all the clients hopes, plans and expectations going forward. Depending on the scale of the project, we’ll provide a detailed 2D or 3D floor plan to give you a realistic view of the final product. This way we can start refining the look and feel before development! We then finalise the drawing, gather all the documentation and liaise with the appropriate council members to seek approval. Our team will organise all the fittings, fixtures and prepare the full specification of works. The project is then passed over to our selected construction partner. We typically work alongside companies we’re already affiliated with. However, we go through a tendering process to ensure our clients have access to the best value for money alternatives.

New Home Designs Adelaide
New Home Designs Adelaide

About the Lumea team

We drive fantastic results for your new home designs Adelaide by coming up with personalised, sustainable and affordable concepts. David, the team Principal of Lumea, will go above and beyond to take you one step closer to the home of your dreams. We combine our expertise and product knowledge with your personality to achieve all of your lifestyle objectives. Lumea Building Design believe that your home should inspire you and bring positivity every day. To achieve this, we account for even the smallest of design elements to bring a level of comfort that is simply unparalleled. The lighting, transition between spaces, openness, and of course the overall purpose of every room is comprehensively analysed. We even oversee the project from end to end to make sure the chosen construction partner carries out absolutely every task in accordance with the design plan. For your new home designs Adelaide, choose the experts.

A breakdown of our services

While we can confidently manage every step of your new home designs Adelaide, here’s a more detailed overview of our 3 core services:

Drafting: We produce incredibly detailed floorplans of your new home design to help you fully visualise and refine the end result. This will either be 3D or 2D depending on the size of the project, but our specialist draftsman have absolutely everything—including fittings and lighting—mapped out for your builder.

Design: We emulate the style that best reflects your personality. Whether it be contemporary or heritage, we’ll work within your budget to achieve the dream look.

Project Management: Upon your request, our involvement is ongoing. We’ll work closely with your builders and monitor every stage of development for a product that holistically replicates your vision. Securing us for your new home designs Adelaide guarantees a seamless process!

Are you ready to take the next step in your life and create the new home designs Adelaide you’ve always dreamed of? Work alongside the team at Lumea Building Designs and experience the difference. Call to arrange your consultation on 0484 361 877!