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Building Inspiring Spaces

The Lumea Group has been building and renovating beautiful homes for more than 5 years. Plans developed by the Lumea Group help enhance and improve your living environment and lifestyle.  Making changes to existing homes can increase equity and add value to where you live.

The team at the Lumea Group has the skills and knowledge required to help you build or renovate the home of your dreams. Talk to us today and we can plan your future together.

Tomorrow’s Homes Today

Want to restore your existing home? Whether it’s built in the 1900’s or early 2000’s the Lumea group has the tools and knowledge to restore your piece of history. We can restore homes and rooms to their former glory or help you to transform your piece of history into something more modern.

We’d love to talk to you today about how we can work together to restore your room or house.

Complete Extension Services

Want something new but love where you live? Run out of room and don’t want to move? The Lumea Group has the tools and knowledge to work through these problems with you. We can create beautiful extensions within your home that fit in with your current style. These extensions can help increase the space of your home and increase equity and value.

We’d love to talk to you and find out how we can create beautiful extensions throughout your home.