Residential Building Designers Adelaide

Our residential building designers Adelaide

With design technology continually advancing, Australian building standards are rising—which is why you need help from the best residential building designers Adelaide. There are multiple resources for inspiration when it comes to home design, making the presence of unique concepts hard to come by. That’s where Lumea Group step in! We have a fantastic team of talented residential building designers Adelaide who collaborate to create concepts that are uniquely tailored to you. Firstly, we sit down with you to discuss what you’re striving to achieve with the new space. We’ll then implement a range of decisions to facilitate that purpose without compromising style. From this point, our draftsman will produce a comprehensive blueprint that accurately details the configuration, dimensions, and specifications like windows, doors, and other external features. If you’re looking for a straightforward process, Lumea Group have you covered. Give us a call on 0484 361 877

Residential Building Designers Adelaide
Steps to Planning A Successful Home Building Project

How we uphold our fantastic reputation

With an abundance of products on the market, it can be hard for residential building designers Adelaide to narrow down the list of reliable products. But at Lumea Group, we’ve put in the lengths of research to make sure we only use sustainable materials that offer long-term durability and style. Our business was modelled on 3-pillars: integrity, creativity and excellence. These core values are exercised every day by the Lumea team to maintain our reputation as premium builders. In fact, we’re locally recognised as the leaders of sustainable construction in our field! When it comes down to the style of work we do, we can adapt our skill-set to meet any job requirements. We confidently carry out new home builds, renovations restorations and extensions to give your home a new lease of life to facilitate a fuller lifestyle. Connect with our residential building designers Adelaide to learn more!

Some of this seasons trends in architecture

While there’s plenty of inspiration around to help you plan for your next home improvement, here are few of the current trends in architecture, from our residential building designers Adelaide, that are worthwhile exploring:

Sustainability: It’s not simply a matter of implementing solar. Sustainable measures can be taken in all areas of development! We’re talking locally sourced materials, effective insulation, double-glazed windows, and installing lighting systems etc that use less energy overall.

Open-living plans: There are multiple benefits that come with sharing open spaces. They facilitate better productivity, social interaction, and set the perfect scene for entertaining. They also enable greater creative freedom when it comes to home styling.

Bringing the outdoors in: Whether it’s incorporating more windows in your home design or creating a sheltered outdoor entertainment area—intertwining the beautiful outdoors with interior design has become increasingly popular. Call us on 0484 361 877 for more advice!

Lumea Group are the residential building designers Adelaide that you can trust. We have all the all the skills and expertise necessary to construct or renovate your ideal home. Talk to us today on 0484 361 877 or get in touch with us through to start planning!

Building Designers Adelaide

Introducing Lumea Group

If you’ve been sitting on some construction plans to enhance your lifestyle, there’s no better time than the present to start consulting with our building designers Adelaide. Lumea Group’s in-house team of talented professionals work simultaneously to achieve beautiful, and structurally sound results—every time. Our small team has been customising incredible home designs for over 5 years, with a core focus on sustainability. The goal is to achieve minimum maintenance, with maximum aesthetic for long-term comfort and style. When working with our team, you don’t have to think twice about engineering or difficulties that might be encountered on the job, because we always come up with ways to overcome the problems we’re faced with. That’s because as a family-operated business, we understand and value the importance of team work and good communication from end to end. Call us on 0438 828 431 to chat with our building designers Adelaide!

Building Designers Adelaide
Building Designers Adelaide

Innovative techniques opening new doors for traditional materials

Our team of building designers Adelaide offer the full scope of works to ensure all your lifestyle dreams are accounted for. Whether it’s new home, renovation, building restoration or an extension—we have the skills and expertise to deliver in complete accordance with your design brief. And of course, we’re happy to assist in this process by sitting down with you for a comprehensive consultation. This will be an opportunity to outline all your hopes and expectations, while we start calculating and engineering the technical components to make it work. As a sustainably conscious business, you can rest assured that we consider all the environmental variables before putting a plan into play. This also means designing spaces that are functional, easy to maintain, and 100% durable. Apply for a quote online or sit down with our building designers Adelaide to see what we can achieve for you!

Building Smarter

Our building designers Adelaide complete projects efficiently because we work smart. Having completed a number of jobs right across Adelaide and beyond, we’re comfortable working in all kinds of environments. Some of our most recent work was carried out in Hahndorf, Skye, Scott Creek, Walkerville, Melrose Park and Mt Barker. All completely unique in their own ways, we adapted our skill-set to fulfil the visions of our customers. Due to the consistent high-quality of our work and fantastic customer service, we’ve earned ourselves a reputation as the leaders in sustainable construction.

Our business was effectively modelled on the three pillars of integrity, creativity and excellence. What this means for our clients is that we never fall short on inspiration! Call Lumea to chat with the best building designers Adelaide today and start kicking your lifestyle goals. We’re the proven professionals who deliver results that truly stand the test of time!

The team of building designers Adelaide at Lumea Building Design are equipped with both the tangible and intangible tools to create your new home without the fuss. Make sure you contact us for advice on the latest developments in home construction today! To contact us, call 0484 361 877 or send an email through to