Residential Drafting Adelaide

Hiring the right team for your residential drafting Adelaide

When it comes to the best residential drafting Adelaide, you need a team who are reliable, technically minded, experienced in engineering, and dedicated to achieving your desired results. We closely collaborate with clients to come up with unique concepts that perfectly complement their lifestyle. Furthermore, we fully account for both functionality and practicality, without compromising aesthetic value. Some of the other measures we take to guarantee a seamless experience include:

Residential Drafting Adelaide
Residential Drafting Adelaide

Closely following the development timeline while meticulously monitoring quality control to ensure all Australian building standards are met.
Outlining all the associated costs within a project breakdown to prevent any unwanted surprises.
Planning for the long-term by implementing sustainable practice methods and using locally sourced materials that have been tried and tested.
If we sound like the kind of team you’d like to have working on your project, begin the process of residential drafting Adelaide by calling 0484 361 877

Our Services

As the number one company in residential drafting Adelaide, Lumea Group has had the opportunity take on a number of exciting and demanding projects over the course of our time in the industry. We have expertise to adapt our skill-set to suit the requirements of just about any job you present us with. Our core services include new builds, renovations, restorations and extensions to help people get the most out of their home or commercial space.

Some examples of projects we have completed across Adelaide are:

  • A beautiful extension and outdoor entertainment area with a high, box gable ceiling in Hahndorf.
  • A contemporary new home with a variation of levels following the slope of the surface beneath, with decorative timber cladding and pops of steel.
  • We extended and renovated the living space of a gorgeous modern home in Scott Creek, which even had the addition of a practical basement.

About Lumea Group

Our residential drafting Adelaide is so successful because collaboration and good communication lie at the heart of our business. Lumea Group is a small, family-owned and operated business located in Strathalbyn. We take great pride in the opportunity to help home and business owners create their dream spaces. To successfully achieve this, our business model is built on three pillars: integrity, creativity and excellence. We exercise these qualities by focussing on sustainability, staying up to date with industry trends and developments, and working in alignment with highest of Australian building standards. All projects are custom-created to give your home that unique feel. That’s why we put such great detail into our residential drafting Adelaide—because we want to give you a realistic visual representation to allow for any modifications. If you’ve been sitting on some creative concepts for your home, now is the time to contact Lumea Group!

Lumea Group are skilled, efficient, creative, and have a solution for every issue we’re fronted with. Give us a call to start your residential drafting Adelaide and watch the dream come to life, without the stress of managing anything yourself! 0484 361 877 is the number to call.