Energy efficient house designs Adelaide

Our energy efficient house designs Adelaide

Have you scoped out the benefits of energy efficient house designs Adelaide? Lumea Building Design will advise you on all the latest sustainable home concepts to help you achieve your dream lifestyle. As the leading choice in design management, we know that there should be absolutely no compromise on style when it comes to optimising energy efficiency. We strive to make clean green living a more attainable option for everyone by working within the scope of your allocated budget. Some of the design components we consider to increase overall efficiency include:

Opting for superior insultation options to regulate temperature within the home (this includes double-glazed window alternatives.
Designing energy efficiency electrical and lighting plans.
Carrying out extensive product research to make sure your fittings and fixtures have stat ratings that mean our standards.
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Energy efficient house designs Adelaide
Energy efficient house designs Adelaide

About Lumea Building Design

Lumea Building Design are the leaders in energy efficient house designs Adelaide.We offer the full-scope of design works to help you make smarter home choices, and connect you our fantastic network to achieve your vision.In more detail, here’s a little about what we can offer:

Design: We take the time to actually sit down with you and chip away at those key design components that really make your house feel like a home.

Drafting: We draft up comprehensive and detailed 2D or 3D floorplans of your home to create a lifelike representation of the end result. We account for all the details, including lighting and electrical arrangements.

Project management: Our involvement doesn’t stop after the design. We’re happy to oversee the entire building process from end to end. This facilitates a consistent, integrated process for premium results that holistically marry up with the initial plan.

Our company philosophy

For complete reliability, we follow a consistent process while devising your energy efficient house designs Adelaide. This process was built on the foundation of our core company values; the first of which is affordability. Our goal is to make sustainable living accessible for everyone. We discuss your budget early in the process and work stringently to ensure these expectations are met. That brings us to another importantly quality, which is transparency.

We take great pride in the trust and commitment you put forward when choosing us for your design. So, to give that back to our clients, we are 100% transparent with everything—from cost, to implications and general design advice. Most importantly, we listen. We’re confident in our abilities, but your home is your special place. We give you complete creative freedom while jumping through the hoops on your behalf to make your energy efficient house designs Adelaide possible.

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